SEO Consulting

When you want to do things yourself but need some guidance.

Have you ever seen how something was done and then thought: “wow, I can do that!”


Do you have a small marketing team that you would like to have trained to be on the same page with current SEO Standards?

If so, you’re not alone! Our #1 question from clients is “how can I make it to where people find me online? This SEO thing just goes over my head!”

If this sounds like you, keep reading on…

The Elusiveness of SEO and Benefits of SEO Consulting

The Standards of SEO are always changing. Google is known to update its algorithm on a daily basis. BUT they don’t share these updates with the public.


Because, they want people to provide quality, value packed content, the right way- and it’s algorithm’s will scan your content for this value and match it against a user’s search query.

The trick to SEO lies in the foundations of how the core of your website pages are all set up, in addition to how you select your keywords, and how you write your content.

Quick look at SEO Consulting price guides:

The Basics, one-on-one training

Starting at $300 for an hour and a half session |  $125 per hour following.

Advanced SEO (more than just the basics), one-on-one training

Starting at $500 for a 3 hours (divided into hour long sessions) |  $150 per hour following.

All You Need to Know SEO, one-on-one training

Starting at $800 for 5 hours of training (split into one hour sessions) |  $125 per hour following or as needed.

Speaking Engagements or Group Coaching

Prices vary based on event, please contact us for more details!

INVEST in Knowledge for a Better Ranking Website with SEO Consulting!

How it Works

HOW does SEO Consulting Work?

If you are local to the Pittsburgh, PA area, I would love to sit down with you and walk you through the essentials and your one-on-one sessions.

If you are not local to the Pittsburgh area, we would set up a personalized screenshare in one chunk or over several blocks of time (This is your preference, however, I do break all sessions above the Basics level into one hour blocks to allow for breaks).

All of our sessions are recorded via a screencast recorder and can be accessed at any time by you through your client portal.

These recorded sessions are not sold to third parties and are yours and yours alone to do as you please with!