Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the Hidden Gem to Business Success.

Did You Know...

90% of ONLINE users will choose a website based on the PAGE 1 ORGANIC RESULTS of the Google search results

ONLY 10% of users advance past the first page of the Google search results

ONLY 10% of users click on paid advertising that appears on the page results

We are here to help change your mindset and assist you in making a positive difference in your SEO mentality!

Search Engine Optimization Basics with Greater Pittsburgh Media Co.

Package Starting at $1499 based on website size and complexity.

Optimizing your website for better search engine rankings can be a tedious project for many business owners to take on alone. The initial process Greater Pittsburgh Media Co. takes to begin your business’s SEO journey is fundamental, yet vitally important to success.

We Want to Know Your Business and Your Competitors!

We take the time to have a discovery consultation with your business and get to really know you! This is after all, the root of your website goals and campaigns. We also want to know who your competitors are. This assists us in doing some research to see what they are doing, and finding ways to outrank their current efforts. Last, we want to know who your target audience is. By aiming to guide your page SEO recommendations towards your ideal audience, your website gains better traction and better rankings – Win, Win!

Research, Optimize, Repeat

Once we have our arsenal of information from you, we are equipped to take on your SEO project full force! We first do a slew of competitor research, target market research, and ideal keyword research for your industry. We couple this information with your current content on your website and make adjustments where needed. We also do all of the dirty work behind the scenes that make the magic of organic SEO and keywords work hand in hand. This is then repeated for every page on your website in addition to every image, category, or anything else we can manage to optimize for you.

Track, Analyze, Report

Once we have all of your website optimized for ultimate organic results, we create your XML Sitemaps and submit these to all of the major search engines. We also ensure you have a Google Analytics account set up if you do not already have one so that you we can properly track your performance results. We provide you with a detailed analysis of every change we made on your website in the SEO process so you know exactly what has been done and completed, and then we continue to track your progress.

Ready to take your search engine optimization to the next level?

SEO Add on

Starting at $899 a month & no commitments *



Not only is the initial set up of your SEO vitally important to your website’s success; but regular updates, tweaks, and maintenance is a necessity to continue boosting your Google Ranking.

No need to fear – Greater Pittsburgh Media Co. has you covered here too! We not only provide you with out of this world optimization services, but we also can help you continue boosting your rankings until we see you listed at the top in your search results!

The initial SEO process is important, but you need to remember that Google is also consistently changing and updating its algorithm and criteria so that searches yield the best and most relevant results.

Not only are keywords a part of SEO, but we also focus on consistently providing your website with fresh content, quality backlinks, appealing copy, targeted landing pages, your website speed and health, and much more.

* This service is only available as a subscription added to the Search Engine Optimization Basics Service.