Local SEO

Your solution to an unfindable Google search listing.

Have you ever tried to look up your services in a search engine such as Google to see where you appear in the search results?

The #1 Question I am asked by clients is "How do I get found on Google?!"

My friend, if you haven’t worked on your Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) before, you shouldn’t be surprised to find your search result pages far behind your competitors (if at all). This is a bummer, especially in the extremely competitive online market, where everyone competes for first page rankings or to rise above their competition.


Are you tired of not being found when someone searches for your business online? We know it’s a frustrating experience, and most businesses have no idea how to solve this seemingly impossible problem.

Greater Pittsburgh Media Co. is a certified Yext partner and can create, and assist you in setting up your new Yext Knowledge Engine account.

Take control of your local SEO with the Yext Knowledge Engine to manage your local listings, locations, keywords, services, and what people searching for find online.

Here’s a Quick Snapshot of the Advantages of Local SEO with Greater Pittsburgh Media:

Simplicity & Trust

Consistency is Key

Rich Experiences

Easily Crawlable

Locked and Loaded

Enhanced Listings Waiting to be Clicked

Voice Search Optimization

Take control of your local SEO & BE FOUND EVERYWHERE

How it Works

Packages starting at $89/month with a 1-year commitment


We dive deeper into your business, website, organic SEO, and optimal Keywords.


We conduct some basic competitor research, and based on our discovery session and your website; create an index of keywords, images and rich data.


Next we take all of your data, images, and information and implement it into our Knowledge Engine. Instantly updating your directory listings everywhere!


Your information is locked after three days, allowing us to manage, critique analytics, and refresh your content on a regular basis.

Simplicity & Trust

One of the complexities of SEO is the fact that you need to have quality backlinks in order to rank better with search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yandex. Another dilemma as a business owner, is that you want your business to be listed in as many directories as possible so that you have a greater chance of someone seeing your listing.

The Yext Knowledge Manager solves these common problems in the matter of a few clicks. Not only does Yext enable you to create your business profiles online in one place with the ability to submit them to its entire PowerListings Network, but search engines will also trust your site faster and consumers will find you more easily because your listings are issued with trusted sources.

Consistency is Key

When you self manage your directory listings, you are responsible for updating or changing all of the information manually.

Why spend days logging in and changing directories manually when you can log into one database and change over 100 directories by simply updating one form!

One of the keys to consistent, successful, local SEO is to ensure everything is the same everywhere. Your business contact information, hours, and website. We have partnerships and custom landing pages, integrated apps, maps, and directories with Google, Apple, Facebook, and over 100 others that ensure your information is the same everywhere.

Where do you currently rank?

Rich Experiences

Rich experiences encompass consumers and give them as much credible, and structured data as possible to help them in the decision making process. No longer is SEO just a matter of ranking on the first page, but you also need to win your prospect over with the rich data that is provided to them right away.

As a consumer, would you prefer to choose a business based on their review ratings, or the amount of information and images provided right upfront before you even clicked onto their website? These rich experiences give you the opportunity to provide more depth to your Google and Search listings by providing reviews, locations, events, services, products, and other structured data right in the search results.

To further your Search Engine Optimization ranking; if the data on your website is accurate, consistent, and optimized, these intelligent services consider your website to be an authoritative source and they will use your data to power these rich experiences for users.

Easily Crawlable

You want your information to be found easily in searches. You want your most relevant information to appear when your target audience is looking for you. Yext Directories, Locators, and Local Pages are built according to industry standards and every field is tagged so that it can be found.

Locked and Loaded

Have you ever created a Google Business Listing to find that someone else went and changed a portion of the listing, or added an unsavory image?

Worry no more, we are here to solve this dilemma by locking down your content after three days from signing up for your account with the Yext’s patented Match and Lock technology. Our Yext Knowledge Manager will capture your information, release it to your networking directories, and then safeguard your information from unauthorized changes.

Enhanced Listings Waiting to be Clicked

You have the opportunity to feature a message or promotion in your listings along with a slew of other valuable information. Want to keyword optimize your listings just as you have done to your website, you are more than able to with your Knowledge Manager!

With your enhanced listings, a clickable link is just enticing prospective clients to click on your offer. From evergreen pages, seasonal specials, make sure to showcase what matters most to the target market you are aiming to reach!

That is about to change folks!

Yext PowerListings provides you with the patented Match & Lock technology with allows your information to be locked, and edited only by you in your knowledge manage after three days of signing up for your services.

Say Goodbye to strangers changing your listings or your pictures. Say Hello to complete control!

Voice Search Optimization is the new search of the future

Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant. Cortana- all household norms. All common ways of conducting searches. Is your business ready for voice search prompts?

It is estimated that 71% of people are currently using voice search for common household tasks, and by 2019, this number will raise by 130% – this is the new wave of the future.

Voice search engines use structured data within your website and search results, such as the rich data provided on your website to display results for users requests. In order for your business to be compliant, your information must be structured so that the voice search engines understand. With the Yext Knowledge Tags, you are able to add structured data (Schema) to your website with a single line of code to easily provide this information to search engines and then easily be compliant for your first voice search!



There is no better time to take control of your resource listings than today!